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LyttelTech specialises in providing Advanced SQL queries to the healthcare industry that are using Medtech32 as their Practice Management System, in order to firstly, help identify patients who are eligible for the variouMedtechs PHO Performance Programmes and secondly, provide up to date progress reports towards measuring their achievements and targets.

The PHO Performance Programme was developed and implemented by New Zealand District Health Boards (DHBs), the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the primary health care sector to support improvements in the health of people enrolled in a Primary Health Organisation (PHO). A patient enrolling with a practice automatically becomes eligible for the health care services provided by the PHO.

The Programme is aimed at measuring and rewarding progress in reducing health inequalities by including a focus on high need populations, as well as rewarding and encouraging improved performance. The idea is to deliver a range of health care services for people when they are unwell. To ensure people stay health and to reach out to groups of people in the community who may be missing out on primary health care and have poor health.

The Programme has developed a number of performance indicators to measure PHO achievements over a six month period. The individual practice achievements are grouped together to facilitate individual, regional and national reporting.

Medtech Query Builder

Using the Medtech Query Builder we can provide user-defined basic queries to assist you in targeting specific patients e.g.numbers of patients by age, demographics or ethnicity. Click here for a list of free Query Builders available from the Medtech Global website or contact us for a more advance query.

Medtech Advanced SQL Queries

Using the MedTech Database Query Utility from within Medtech, we provide more advanced queries with greater flexibility than the Medtech Query Builder allows. We have the ability to provide most of the basic types of SQL Statements including SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. Example of advance queries

  • find casual patients within a postal code to target for enrolment
  • count the number of after hours presentations for under 6 years
  • list under 6 year old’s whose parents aren’t enrolled with the practice
  • add an alert to patients who may turning a certain age within a date period

In addition to the basic SQL Statements we provide Customised SQL Statements that have the ability to export the data results to an external file for data analysis and business intelligence reporting. Some of the file formats that are exportable are csv, txt, sql, html and unl files.

Medtech Support

Advanced Configurations, Incremental Backup, Journalling and Journal Archiving for Interbase 2009, Manage My Health and Medtech Forms. We have the expertise and experience to support large practices and medical specialists so call today to discuss your support needs.

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